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Tel:  0207 480 7166
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Big Dreams for Little People .....

We are a family run children's day nursery located just 5 minutes' walk from popular London Underground stations - ideal for parents who work in the city!

Opening hours

  • Mon  7am - 7pm

  • Tue   7am - 7pm

  • Wed  7am - 7pm

  • Thu   7am - 7pm

  • Fri     7am - 7pm


We are closed on weekends but we offer evening and weekend care via our baby sitting service at customer's home.

Our address is:     65 Cartwright Street, Tower Hill,  London, E1 8NB

If you have any enqueries, write us a message:


Our staff are friendly, experienced and well trained; with ongoing CPDEYFS training, obtained reference and DBS checks.

Ofsted Inspected.

Manager of the Dreammaker Day Nursery has more than 30 years of nursery experience and over 20 years in management.

Our space is spanning over two buildings which are separated by an attractive courtyard, our nursery benefits from large rooms with plenty of natural daylight.
Each building has its own garden and each room has its own kitchen - providing fresh meals prepared by our in-house chef.
There are also toilet facilities within each room which means your child can grow in independence as they progress with their training.
Our fees are all-inclusive and we offer a fee structure to suit your requirements and budget.
More details you can find here.

If you have any enqueries write  to us by email and we will answer you within 24 hours  or  less.

Upcoming events:
Meet our Team

Nursery Manager

Outi Salokannas

65 Cartwright Street, Tower Hill,  London, E1 8NB,

Tel. 0207 480 7166,


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Our Nursery Manager has been working in childcare for over 30 years and 19 years of them in a managerial role. Being a Finn she is very proud of her Scandinavian education which she is able to implement into her role and also to share her knowledge of the child centred approach with our team.  Outi is passionate about providing an environment where children love to explore and play and learn because 'when play is fun and child-directed, children are motivated to engage in opportunities to learn'.


Our permanent staff are all qualified to level 3 or above in Childcare or Education. Everyone has a certificate in Paediatric First Aid and Food Hygiene or about gain one and all have been trained in Safeguarding children.

There is a balanced mix of younger staff members with fresh ideas and energy and some a little bit older with wealth of experience and knowledge gained during their years in childcare.

Our staff come from diversity of backgrounds; they can speak 10 different languages among themselves but one thing they all have in common: they all want to provide the best start in life for the children trusted into our care.

Here you can see a few pictures from our Gallery

There is a good balance of child-initiated and adult led activities throughout the day. Children have a choice between indoors and outdoors activities. Exercise is important and best done outdoors where children can run, kick ball and ride bikes. We have gardens in both ends of our buildings but we also do walks to nearby play areas or parks to further extend children’s learning environment.

Early experiences lay the foundation for all learning, they can make a difference to the whole of a child’s education: how they learn, how they feel about learning and how they feel about themselves. (Sylva et al., 2004)

Our staff are friendly and experienced. All are trained with qualifications from Level 3 in Child care to Qualified Teachers Status with ongoing CPD and EYFS training. All our staff are vetted and have a clean DBS check and with traceable references.

Children learn through play, they are naturally curious to explore and they make the sense of the world around them through play. When they play they learn to solve problems, get along with others and develop their fine and gross motor skills. Play is a self chosen activity of the children, it has to be pleasurable and enjoyable for them to allow the learning to happen.

When children face problems or obstacles when they play, they can work through this so far on their own, but when supported by an adult or one of their peers, their learning and experiences can be extended.

Early experiences lay the foundation for all learning, they can make a difference to the whole of a child’s education: how they learn, how they feel about learning and how they feel about themselves. (Sylva et al., 2004) Learning environment where child can feel safe and secure with trusted and caring adults

‘Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can read, write and count. Childhood is a small window of time to learn and develop at the pace which is right for each individual child – Madga Gerber. ‘


Children have their own named key person who will with the help of the other staff monitor their key children’s development and plan the next steps to them. Our experienced staff offer activities that support the children’s learning and their journey to become enthusiastic lifelong learners and to reach their potential. We work in close partnership with parents as parents are the experts of their own children.

Environment plays a big part in child’s development. We have created a learning environment where child can feel safe and secure with trusted and caring adults. Lots of thought have been put to create an environment that allows children to explore as all resources are inviting and easily accessible for them. We use open ended resources which leave room for children’s imagination.The opportunities are endless.

Messy play activities provide children opportunities to explore and discover, experiment and investigate. They can use all of their senses when they are exploring different materials, they can see and feel what happens when they mix dry and wet, big and small. They can hear and smell and even taste while experimenting. They learn problem solving skills, concentration and understanding the world around them when they are doing messy play activities. And they have fun!

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